Break the Law Again, You’ll Get Two Desserts!

Days after Mayor Eric Adams said the migrant crisis was going to “destroy” New York City, we memorialized the last time immigrants tried to destroy it: the 9/11 attack.


At least that was a one-time body blow. The city suffered grievously, but survived because, luckily, the immigrants who flew planes into the buildings killed themselves in the process.

Today’s immigrant crisis is never going to end. More than 100,000 migrants have already arrived, and there’s no end in sight. With the city rushing to give them handouts — free housing, “culturally appropriate” meals (three times a day), 24-hour snacks, popcorn machines, TVs, Xbox game consoles, pingpong, foosball tables and phones for making free international calls — they’re not going to stop coming, and it’s highly doubtful we can convince them to commit suicide, either.

We’ll be paying to clothe, house and feed them forever.

Already, city services are being slashed to take care of the “migrants” (the latest euphemism for illegal aliens).

The timing couldn’t be better. Apparently, the city has licked crime, homelessness and poverty — and taxpayers from all over are moving to New York. City services are running like a top, the streets and sidewalks gleam, and 8

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