BRANDON: How Biden Went From A ‘Moderate’ To Being Leashed By Socialists

While campaigning for president, Joe Biden told us he would unite the country. Biden said that if he was elected, he would heal our national divide and “restore the soul of America.” He assured voters that he would govern like a moderate, listening to the concerns of both Republicans and Democrats.

So much for that. Biden this past Tuesday demanded that Republicans “get out of the way” so that he could raise the debt limit to pay for his party’s socialist big government spending spree.

Since his election, President Biden has embraced the radical left on every major policy issue. Instead of bringing Americans together, he has worked to divide us at every turn with unpopular leftist policy proposals. It’s no wonder Biden’s approval rating has tumbled recently, with just 37% of independent voters now backing the president.

None of this comes as a surprise given the decisions that Biden has made during his time in the White House. To start, President Biden has demanded members of Congress ram through nearly $5 trillion in new spending as part of his “Build Back Better” agenda. In reality, Biden’s spending spree would destroy a lot more than it builds.

Biden’s $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” bill

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