Brandon-Evansville senior Katrina Buchholz becomes a starter at the end of her long road through football

It carries meaning for every athlete, but last Friday night was especially impactful for Brandon-Evansville’s Katrina Buchholz as she lined up at center with senior quarterback Titus Fuller taking the snap out of the shotgun against Hancock. After almost six years through an up-and-down journey in football, she could check off the last of the three goals she set for herself when she joined the sport as the lone girl on the team in 7th grade.

“Honestly, it didn’t even feel real,” Buchholz said. “Just because I never expected myself to go as far as I have. But I’m glad that I stuck with it and I’m able to make this difference and succeed at my goals. When I started, I made three goals for myself. That was to go all the way through senior year, become a captain and become a starter. I guess I’m one of those people where when I make a goal, I stick to it hardcore.”

Buchholz moved to the Brandon-Evansville area in sixth grade and did not play any sports that first year as she got used to her new surroundings. Even before that in elementary school, she would throw the football around

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