Bozeman providing services to unhoused where they are

By NORA SHELLY Associated Press

BOZEMAN — Isaac Ochoa was on his way to Texas from Spokane, Washington, in 2021 when a car wreck on I-90 near Livingston landed him in southwest Montana.

He bounced around for a while before eventually deciding to make a go of it in Bozeman. So he began looking for a place to live.

“It was like looking for that needle in the barn,” Ochoa told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle on a recent Saturday morning.

Unable to find a place, Ochoa bought a trailer, and parked it behind Kenyon Noble in the middle of Bozeman. His home is at the end of an unfinished nub of North 14th Avenue — Ochoa said the spot offers him a degree of privacy.

An Army veteran who has worked with veterans services in the past, Ochoa has an American flag flying above his home.

In the months he’s lived there, Ochoa has made an effort to tidy things up in the area, cleaning up trash around his trailer and around a port-a-potty sitting across the street.

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His trailer’s awning covers a neat patio, with a table, benches and plants.


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