Bozeman Daily Chronicle Refuses Rep. Dr. Jane Gillette's Opinion

What is true, unbiased journalism? Sometimes it feels like we’ll never really know the answer as the mainstream media “news” is clouded with opinion and political agendas.

But one Montana representative is calling out this so-called “journalism” for what it is right here in Montana.

Rep. Dr. Jane Gillette (R-Bozeman) wanted to publish an opinion piece in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle addressing the publication’s political bias but was shut down by the editor.

Rep. Gillette’s full column is available here that deserves to be seen:

Integrity in journalism is expected by the public and it’s of paramount importance for people to understand and trust information that’s presented to them. The public often assumes that journalists and editorial boards are presenting the news and their analysis objectively and with minimal bias. We hope that the information shared is a presentation of the facts and not meant to further any particular business, organization, or political party’s agenda.

Unfortunately, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle appears to lack that integrity, at least when it comes to political bias. Many have known the Chronicle’s strong liberal, anti-conservative, bias for a long time and have distrusted their editorials and the fairness of their news coverage as a result. What finally drove me to

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