Boone and Crockett pushes climate solutions for wildlife

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The Boone and Crockett Club, known for judging hunters’ trophy animals, has declared climate change puts the world’s wildlife at risk and must be combatted.

“Data in the United States shows that sea level is rising, heat waves and storm events are growing in severity and various timing cues or ranges for vegetation and wildlife are shifting,” the club’s Nov. 17  Position Statement on Climate Change read. “Hunters are attuned to fluctuations in and stresses on big game populations and their habitat, and are seeing significant impacts to our forests, streams and coastlines … (T)he Boone and Crockett Club is committed to policies that reduce greenhouse gases and combat their effect on climate.”

The 130-year-old organization supported market-based carbon pricing, increased renewable energy production, methane-leak capture from oil and gas production, and shifting from concrete to wood-based construction as ways to reduce carbon emissions.

“We had people across the spectrum coming up with this statement,” Boone and Crockett Vice President James Cummins said on Friday. “People from the oil and gas and conservation worlds, at the end of the day, supported

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