Bonner renters to face brutal housing market with sale of mill site homes


A planned housing sale in Bonner could result in some longtime renters out in the cold in a brutal rental market.

About 23 households in the historic Bonner Mill development were recently given a little more than six weeks to either put a purchase offer on their rental properties or be prepared to move. More homes in the area are set to be sold once they are subdivided.

Now, residents are figuring out their plans and while some are excited to jump on the offer to purchase their homes, others are unsure of where they will go.

Jeramie Owens, Jennifer Roberts and daughter Sophia Roberts are hoping to purchase the Bonner home where they live.

TOM BAUER, Missoulian

Denise Heikkila, 66, was shocked by the news. Heikkila has lived in her Bonner home for 10 years. After living in a place so long, she said she’s worried about packing up her stuff. And she doesn’t want to move in the middle of winter.

Heikkila lives with her 9-year-old bull terrier, Cajun. She supports herself with a combination of Social Security benefits and a part-time

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