Bone Dry is making Montana’s comedy desert bloom

They call it Bone Dry Comedy because Montana used to be a comedy desert.

Sure, we might get occasional shows from people who grew up here — Reggie Watts and Chris Fairbanks reliably tour around Christmastime — and big headliners might perform at the Alberta Bair in Billings or the Ellen in Bozeman. But the real meat and potatoes of stand-up comedy, the touring comics and the comedy clubs where they can perform, has long been lacking from Montana.

Stand-up comic Alex Kaufman started Bone Dry Comedy in 2020. 

Courtesy photo

Sure, Bozeman has the Last Best Comedy Club. But that’s just one town. If you’re not in the Gallatin Valley, good luck seeing stand-up on most given nights.

Alex Kaufman is changing that. Kaufman lives in Bozeman, where he regularly performs. But he’s changing the game for Montana comedy by taking it on the road. He founded Bone Dry Comedy, a production company that runs two open mics — where anyone can get on stage and try their hand at stand-up — in Bozeman and one in Missoula. In addition, every month, and sometimes more,

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