Bob Saget was beloved because he played the American everyman

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The sudden death of comedian and television sitcom star Bob Saget has saddened a generation of fans and followers – especially those drawn to the affable and gentle characters the Philadelphia born actor portrayed over the course of the last four decades.

In a culture that seems to celebrate coarseness and crassness, Saget’s fatherly “Danny Tanner” role on “Full House” and his longtime gig hosting “America’s Funniest Home Videos” were decidedly and decisively G-rated. Though originally panned by critics, “Full House” grew in popularity, breaking into the top ten of shows by its fifth season.


Saget’s career climb was a familiar one – an uneven and serendipitous journey marked by failures and successes, including the loss of a coveted role that led to his big break.

“’Full House’ was an accident,” he remembered. “I got fired on CBS and was asked to be in “Full House.’”

Originally wanting to pursue a career in medicine, Saget’s grades proved too much of a barrier. Instead, he studied film at Temple University, where he won a student Academy Award for a documentary based on a nephew of his who underwent facial reconstruction

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