Board of Public Education discusses new teacher licensing system, annual report

Staff with the Office of Public Instruction provided an update on the new educator licensure system as well as the annual teacher licensure report to the Montana Board of Public Education on Thursday afternoon.

The OPI’s licensure office has recently come under fire. In two letters, groups of school superintendents from around the state expressed their concerns with Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen’s leadership.

OPI’s previous online licensing system was closed to the public beginning on Jan. 1 and the new system from RANDA Solutions will not be open until June 1. During the closure, educators must mail a paper application to the OPI until May 6 or wait until the new system is launched.

A kickoff meeting with the vendor RANDA Solutions and the OPI is planned to take place this month as they begin to move forward with data migration from the old to the new system. The OPI is aiming that the new licensure system will be ready for use beginning on June 1.

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The OPI anticipates it will begin testing the new system and training staff to operate it this spring between April and May.


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