Board forwards Clearwater Junction housing proposal to county

Bret Anne Serbin

The Missoula Consolidated Planning Board on Tuesday recommended a major subdivision to the Missoula County commissioners, but conditions tacked onto the proposal threaten to stymie the development.

If approved, the development would displace mobile homes currently residing on the property.

Developer John Richards, represented by engineers IMEG Corporation, requested approval for Clearwater Meadows Ranch, a 20-lot residential subdivision on approximately 200 acres 1 mile west of Clearwater Junction.

In order to expand the riparian area around Blanchard Creek, which runs through the property, the board made a condition to condense Lot 20 into Lot 19.

“After speaking with the developer, I can’t say for 100% certainty, but I would say that’s a strong possibility that that would prevent this from moving forward,” said Joe Dehnert, the representative for the developer, at the Planning Board meeting Tuesday.

Attorney Thomas Orr said the change to the plans for Lot 20 could represent a loss of $2.5 million to the developer.

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Members of the board felt the benefits to wildlife outweigh the financial implications of changing the developer’s plans.

“I think there’s been enough comments from enough organizations that seem

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