Bo Snerdley Remembers Rush with Montana Listeners this Thanksgivi

You know him as “Snerdley”- Bo Snerdley. His real name, of course, is James Golden- the other golden voice alongside talk show great Rush Limbaugh.

Like many of you, Golden spent 30 years alongside Rush Limbaugh. He just had a better seat, as he likes to describe it. Golden joined us on the radio in Montana and talked about Thanksgiving last year, which would be Rush’s last.

James Golden: Last year this time I remember it very well. Rush was delivering what would be his last Thanksgiving talk with his audience. And he spoke about how lucky he was. He compared himself to Lou Gehrig-saying he understood how Lou Gehrig felt when he said he was the luckiest man on earth- even facing the terminal illness. And that was Rush’s message last year during the last Thanksgiving that he was able to share with us. And it was inspiring. It was profound. But yeah, there’s a bit of sadness. And of course I miss Rush every day as so many people do. I like to tell people, you know, I’m a fan just like everyone else. I just had a better seat. My seat was in the studio with him.

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