Bloomberg in harsh glare of spotlight as he racks up endorsements, surges in polls

Mike Bloomberg’s getting hit from the left — and the right.

On Thursday morning, the former New York City mayor took incoming fire on Twitter from President Trump — who called Bloomberg a “mass of dead energy” and a “LOSER” — and from Democratic presidential nomination rival Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who accused the multi-billionaire business and media mogul of lying.


For Bloomberg, who’s poured hundreds of millions of dollars of his own money into his campaign after jumping into the White House race just two and a half months ago, a rise in the polls and a spate of new endorsements is spurring increased scrutiny and a surge in attacks from his rivals.

“There’s no more certain indicator that you’re on the rise than when your candidacy and campaign come under attack,” veteran Democratic strategist and communications consultant Lynda Tran noted.

“It’s clear that everyone from Donald Trump on down the GOP ticket is concerned about how Mayor Bloomberg’s unprecedented resources and long track record of advocating for progressive causes from ending gun violence to tackling climate change will impact the race this year,” she explained.

Trump, taking aim at Bloomberg, tweeted: “Mini Mike is a 5’4”

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