Block the Sun? Is Lex Luthor now the Secretary of Energy for Biden?

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“The White House Admits It: We Might Need to Block the Sun to Stop Climate Change.” 

Are you kidding me? 

That is an actual headline via Yahoo News and The Daily Beast.  The Biden White House is contemplating “Blocking the Sun.” 


The Babylon Bee and Onion satirical sites must be kicking themselves that the brain trust advising our current president beat them to this laugh-out-loud bit of insanity.  

This image provided by NASA shows an image of the Sun taken July 24, 2007. Enjoy those rays while you can. (AP Photo/NASA)

The people that want to destroy the fossil fuel industry; foist useless “green energy” upon us; replace gasoline powered cars with hyper-expensive electricity-sucking – and destroying – electric vehicles with 1,000-pound highly toxic batteries; now want to literally “Block the Sun.” 

Seriously, is Lex Luthor now the Secretary of Energy for the Biden administration? Is this his latest plot to somehow stop Superman? 

While this truly does seem like the plot ripped out of an incredibly bad 1950s science fiction movie, it is actual Biden White House policy that is seemingly strongly embraced by the likes of Bill

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