Blakeman: Castro Doing Warren's 'Dirty Work' on Biden

Former Obama HUD chief Julian Castro blasted Democratic front-runner Joe Biden during Thursday’s debate, suggesting the former Vice President was unable to remember something he had said “two minutes ago.”

Debate analysts on the FiveThirtyEight site questioned the wisdom of Castro going after Biden so aggressively, because negative attacks can come off as harsh and hurt a candidate’s own standing with the voters.

But GOP strategist and former presidential Bradley Blakeman offered a different take, suggesting Castro appears to have formed an alliance, whether explicit or tacit, with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.

“There’s no doubt Julián is doing Warren’s dirty work,” Blakeman told Newsmax in an email exchange during the debate, adding: “She is strangely silent on attack.”

It did appear Warren was able to remain above the fray for much of the debate, even as Castro tossed brickbats at Biden.

Blakeman predicted before the debate it would be like a “Survivor” episode, with lower-tier candidates helping a front runner take down a rival, presumably in return for consideration for a VP spot or a Cabinet post.

Castro’s sharp exchange with Biden came early in the debate, during a discussion of Biden’s healthcare plan.

Castro defended Warren’s critique of Biden’s

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