Blackfoot River Sessions films Missoula artists' songs and stories

Cory Walsh

A new video series puts local bands in the spotlight along the water, with sharp video, crisp audio and interviews that take people into the songs themselves.

The Blackfoot River Sessions debuted recently with a feature on Junior, a Missoula trio, performing at the KettleHouse Brewing Co.’s taproom patio in Bonner.

“We’re hoping that these videos get the attention of the local music community,” said Nick Davis of Missoula Media Company. He said there are fewer venues for local bands now, and they hope “to help them get some exposure in a time when they really couldn’t get their music out there in front of everybody.”

Benjamin Zeimet, a partner in Missoula Media, came up with the idea before the pandemic and the shutdown sped the project forward.

Besides the music, they thought it was important to include interviews. “A lot of these bands, especially with their songwriting, have cool stories to tell.” He counts many musicians as friends, and more often than not, he’d only get to hear the anecdotes behind the scenes.

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