Black, Bennett, Hanson: America and a tale of two wars – one in Afghanistan and one at home

President Biden is needlessly gambling with the survival of any non-Taliban regime in Afghanistan. The three of us agree on that. 

While it is correct that the United States really doesn’t care how Afghanistan is governed as long as it doesn’t back-slide into a terrorist breeding ground or the scene of genocidal atrocities like Rwanda or Kampuchea, this is still an unsatisfactory end of the American and Allied commitment in Afghanistan: 20 years and over $1 trillion and approximately 23,000 casualties including over 2,300 dead. 

In 1972, South Vietnam prevailed over the communists with the U.S. providing only heavy air support, a model that was successfully replicated in the destruction of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. And it should have been given a better try in Afghanistan. There was no need not to retain enough forces in-country to protect and ensure the efficient operation of the Bagram air facility. 

There seems to be an almost unanimous consensus that the honor of America and the West is at stake in providing sanctuary for the many Afghans who actively helped the Western expeditionary forces. A failure here will be a human tragedy and a credibility disaster for the United States. 


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