'Bipartisan' Ohio Democrat Ryan a far-left Biden ally who wants to 'kill and confront' 'extremist' GOP

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Tim Ryan, the Democrat congressman and failed presidential candidate running for Ohio’s open Senate seat, recently released an ad showing him throwing footballs at various television screens depicting attack ads targeting his candidacy. Wearing a red T-shirt with the American flag on it, he states that “you can know a person by their enemies, well here comes their bull (BLEEP) ads.” He proceeds to throw a football, knocking down a screen.   

Nineteen seconds into the ad, a screen depicting a black background with large, white lettering reading “DEFUND THE POLICE” emerges on the monitor. Ryan states “and here come the culture wars.” He throws the ball, shatters the screen, and knocks it down. Then he firmly states, “I’m not that guy.” The ad ends with Ryan throwing a football at a screen depicting his Republican candidate JD Vance with Ryan then turning to the camera saying, “I still got it.”  

Earlier this week, Ryan appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” where he spoke about unity, reform, and reconciliation. “I’m one of the most bipartisan members of Congress,” Ryan states. “We have to get the government out of our business … just spending money does

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