Billy Wayne Davis is the funniest man with a nickname for a name

Jake Iverson

Billy Wayne Davis knows what you think about his southern accent. 

Davis, who grew up in Crossville, Tennessee, a town of about 12,000 on the outskirts of the Appalachians, gets the accent conversation out of the way early on “Testify,” his new comedy special.

“Testify,” which premiered in December 2022, starts with Davis joking about the way he talks. 

“I’ll get this out of the way,” he says, while the audience cackles, “I am aware of my accent. I don’t need you guys just staring at me.”

Davis keeps up that frank and funny tone throughout the set, riffing about hillbillies, — “If you meet an actual hillbilly, you’ve made a terrible mistake. You need to get off their property,” — “country strong” people — “They’re mostly fat, but they’re the strongest person you’ve ever seen in your whole life,” — and doing DMT with his friend Shane — “Chances are if a dude is named Shane, he might have DMT.”

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He’s funny, sure, but the thing that sets Davis apart is that he’s unafraid to get dark. “Testify” climaxes with an extended story, nearly 30 minutes long,

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