Billings Pools Opening Next Week. What about Special Needs Kids?

When you were a kid, waiting for fun things to happen seemed to take forever. Christmas came painfully slow. The days before your birthday crept at a snails pace, and waiting for the pool to open for the summer couldn’t come soon enough. My childhood summers always kicked off with a couple of weeks of morning session swimming lessons, followed by long days of hanging out at the pool. We’d get a couple of bucks to spend on treats for the day, and our parents would pick us up around closing time.

Irina BelousaRose Park and South Park Pools Open June 9th.

Billings Park and Recreation will open the Rose Park pool and the South Park Pool on Wednesday, June 9th at noon. Daily hours are 12 pm – 6 pm for South Park Pool and 12pm – 8 pm for Rose Park. Admission prices are affordable (FREE for little ones, up to $7 for adults) and you can find full details HERE.  There are also 5 spray playgrounds and 2 wading pools scattered around town for cooling off and they are also opening next week.

Swimming for special needs children.

As a parent of a special needs child, I fully understand that the term “special needs” can cover

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