Billings Police Dept. Reports Phone Scam Circulating Billings

Phone scammers are at in again in the Billings area, and they’re back with a common ruse. Today (10/13) Billings Police Department Lieutenant Brandon Wooley shared this Tweet, reminding the public to be aware of the scam.

The scam isn’t new but it can be alarming.

Scammers hope that you’ll fall for their tricks, and while the scheme may vary, they always want one thing… your money. Exact details about the current phone scam aren’t known, but they commonly go something like this:

You (answering your phone): Hello?

Them: Hi, _________ (they always seem to know your name). This is Detective So-and-So from the Billings Police Department, calling about an important manner.

You: Oh no! Am I in some sort of trouble?

Them: Actually, you are. You did something bad (perhaps an unpaid traffic ticket) and if you don’t pay the fine of $250 dollars immediately, we’re sending an officer to your home/workplace right now to arrest you for failure to appear. 

You: Crap! I can’t go to jail! I have a family and my boss will think I’m some sort of loser criminal!! Can I pay for this over the phone? Do you take cards?

Them: We sure do. Thank you for doing the right thing. Please give me the numbers, expiration

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