Billings high school student gives back to families in need


It’s hard enough when families wonder when, where or how they will get their next meal, but oftentimes special occasions like a birthday celebration get completely overlooked because of these day-to-day challenges.

A new volunteer group in conjunction with the Education Foundation for Billings Public Schools is looking to address that through take-home birthday kits. Since starting this fall, over 50 kits have been made and sent to students across School District 2 struggling with food insecurity.

Through the efforts of a local student and her mom, the program looks to not only provide a treat for a student and their family, but also to deliver a celebration they may not have otherwise.

“It’s easy and fast and it definitely helps a lot to make someone’s day and normalizes having a birthday (for them),” said Senior High freshman Ellie Edwards.

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Edwards first decided to get involved in charitable causes after learning about her middle school’s pantry program and the necessities it provides to homeless or food-insecure students. She then began contributing items herself along with promoting the program and encouraging others to fill the pantry.

Entering this year,

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