Billings Better than Missoula for Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

For those of us living in eastern/southcentral Montana, it’s pretty easy to give Missoula residents a hard time about their “Missoula-ness”. You’re certainly familiar with the stereotypes… liberal, tree-hugging, granola-eating, Subaru-driving, weed-smoking, mountain-biking Missoula. I suspect that some of our projected disdain for Missoula is actually thinly veiled jealousy.

Look, I love Billings. But if I was offered a job similar to what I do now with a paycheck big enough to afford to live in Missoula, it would be tempting. For many (including this author), those big, beautiful mountains of western Montana are a mighty powerful draw. However, if you’re planning on keeping your New Year Resolutions, experts say you actually have a better chance of success if you stay in Billings.

Smithore, GettyStock/ThinkStockSetting yourself up for resolution failure.

Forbes wrote that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail. I’ve never really been a big fan of picking one day a year to try and make yourself better somehow. Why not strive for change every day? For example, quitting smoking. Pick a day that works for you! Want to get healthier or hit the gym? There are 364 other great days throughout the year that would be a good time to start. Why put all

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