Bill Burr’s Dirty Joke about Michelle Obama, and Other Stuff You Can’t Say

Bill Burr in Paper Tiger(Netflix/via YouTube) His new Netflix special Paper Tiger is mostly brilliant.

Should we #BelieveAllWomen? Bill Burr is skeptical. People will say, “You can’t make something like that up,” he notes. “Well, did you see Star Wars? Somebody made that up.” He adds, “If women ran the world there’d be no war. Evidently there’d be no due process either.” As for “male feminists,” he isn’t sold on them, either. “What kind of a man who still has his balls is walking around saying that he’s a male feminist?” He asks. “You can’t do it any more than I can stand here and be like, ‘I’m a Black Panther!’”

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Burr’s latest Netflix special Paper Tiger is brilliant in spots, taking many of the same contrarian stances struck by other top comics such as Dave Chappelle and Aziz Ansari. The more PC platitudes come to dominate the discourse, the more important the comic antidote becomes. Burr’s funniest bits are way out there, amazing leaps of the comic imagination. A dirty joke about Michelle Obama is hilarious because it’s so unexpected and absurd, setting up a loud crash of expectation by contrasting the former first

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