Biggest local stories of 2022: Helena Public Schools scaling back administrator pay

Jesse Chaney Editor’s note

This story is part of a 10-part series on the biggest local stories of 2022.

After giving big pay raises to some school district administrators, Helena Public Schools is now scaling back administrative salaries to match what similarly sized districts in Montana are offering.

School district officials said the raises were implemented in June of 2021 to help attract and keep quality staff in administrative positions, which had not previously received a substantial pay increase in more than two decades.

Officials said the administrative pay scale approved at that time was intended to bring daily pay rates in line with the average for comparable positions within Montana’s AA school districts. While the daily pay rates were comparable, however, many Helena administrators are contracted to work more days than their counterparts in other districts.

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As a result, some Helena administrators got annual salaries that were $25,000 to $70,000 higher than the yearly pay available to those with the same position in other AA districts around the state.

A new administrative pay scale approved by

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