Big Money for the Mayor, Bigger Return for Borror


Posted: May 22, 2020 10:38 AM

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Columbus 2020 was launched a decade ago, a bold and much needed plan to revitalize central Ohio. In September of last year it rebranded itself One Columbus, with a new goal of making the 11-county Columbus area the most prosperous in the nation. Perhaps in the future, even with the novel coronavirus making such economic development unlikely, it will accomplish its goal.

Even in these uncertain times, one thing is for sure: the city of Columbus is open for business. Mayor Andrew Ginther ran an uncontested campaign in 2019, but still accepted contributions from numerous sources, however one very generous donor, to the tune of over $1 million, stands out.

Borror is a property management company whose founder, Douglas G. Borror, has not only contributed to Ginther’s recent campaign but entered into a cozy relationship with the Democratic mayor and city council. According to Open Secrets, through various officers of the company and the Borror family, the mayor’s reelection campaign has received $93,000. To the Democratic Party as

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