Big Meeting in Malta on the APR and the BLM

Montana’s Attorney General Austin Knudsen (R-MT) is doing the job that the Biden BLM should be doing: taking in-person public comment from Montanans about a radical proposal to allow the APR year round grazing in Northeastern Montana.

By BLM we are, of course, referring to the Bureau of Land Management. By APR, we are referring to the foreign-billionaire backed American Prairie Reserve which is seeking to remove ranchers from the land in Montana so they can have their free roaming bison reserve.

AG Knudsen is hosting a public hearing coming up on September 15th at the high school in Malta at 6 p.m.

BONUS: Here is audio of our chat with Chuck Denowh and Montana Talks host Aaron Flint

Chuck Denowh shares that and more in the following guest opinion column.

APR’s proposal to BLM would set a terrible precedent

By Chuck Denowh

An important deadline approaches for Montanans fighting to stop the American Prairie Reserve from decimating the agricultural economy of Eastern Montana.  The Bureau of Land Management will take public comment until September 28 on APR’s proposal to “rewild” their federal grazing allotments by removing them from agricultural production.  The stakes of this proposal are high due to the precedent it would set.

Specifically APR has

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