Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Will Sink in a Legal Quagmire

Joe Biden has just hurled his Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and Department of Justice into a massive, costly, and lengthy legal quagmire brought on by corporations, employees, and states who will undoubtedly file suits across the nation challenging his vaccine mandate.  He has jumped headlong into a litigation maelstrom the likes of which the nation has not seen since employers sued in overwhelming numbers to invalidate Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s failed National Industrial Recovery Act.

True to form, Biden has leapt without appreciating the gravity of his ill-conceived actions. They will boomerang. It seems everything Biden touches has that boomerang effect (his unilateral termination of the Keystone XL pipeline and fracking leases on federal lands destroying good paying jobs and energy independence, his elimination of the remain in Mexico policy ushering in uncontrolled immigration, drugs, and sex trafficking, his excessive federal spending bringing about inflation, and his precipitous, dishonorable retreat from Afghanistan, leaving Americans, SIVs, Afghan allies, and $80 billion in military hardware and munitions, and trillions in U.S. bases to the Taliban (his new “partners”). 

Biden’s latest abuse of power will be challenged on constitutional and statutory grounds.

Equal Protection Component of the Fifth Amendment.  Federal and

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