Biden's transgender blackmail threatens low-income Americans

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The Biden administration’s U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has plenty to worry about – which is what makes their campaign pitting transgender policies against food security even more baffling.  

Early last month, the USDA announced it will expand its definition of sex discrimination to include sexual orientation and gender identity. This means that now, anyone who helps distribute food aid must deploy divisive transgender policies (like allowing men into girls’ bathrooms) or they risk losing federal aid.  

No agency is more responsible for ensuring the food security for American families than the USDA. In fact, one in four Americans are directly touched by the food aid provided by the agency. They help mothers feed their babies, schools feed their children, and communities feed their vulnerable.  Under the Biden Administration, all of that is under threat. 

It’s nothing short of food security blackmail. It’s appalling that the Biden administration would put the nutrition of our children at risk. Our schools should not have to choose between continuing the School Lunch Program and protecting their girls from being exposed to biological boys in their bathrooms or as competition in girls’ sports. It’s egregious that an agency whose

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