Biden’s Ticking Legacy Time Bomb

Biden’s refusal to protect the Southern border has resulted in deaths, injuries, property loses, and theft—and that tragedy will define him for all time to come.  Biden’s shameful abdication of his most fundamental duty as Commander-in-Chief (to protect the security of the United States) will be his most memorable, lasting and reprehensible legacy.  His unwavering refusal to protect the Southern Border in the face of myriad lethal threats makes it unmistakable that his true agenda is one of nihilism.  He is presiding over the destruction of innocent American lives and private property. 

Biden’s dereliction at the border daily creates ticking time bombs across the United States, facilitated by his taxpayer funded flights of illegals to cities and suburbs nationwide.  The influx of terrorists, violent gang members, petty criminals, and fentanyl and other illicit drugs from his refusal to protect the Southern border is so devastating that it of necessity defines him even now in the minds of most Americans.  He will long be remembered by those who have suffered profound loss due to illegal border entry as that President who neutered CBP and facilitated the largest entry of illegals and illegal drugs into the United States.  His support for

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