Biden’s SPEC Employees Make Sure Your Energy Costs Remain High

As the Biden administration fails to live up to its promises of transparency, one new office tucked away in the State Department has garnered attention for being even more secretive than others in the administration. The Office of the Special Envoy for Climate (SPEC) raised eyebrows when first announced with the public asking what the office would accomplish and what authorities it would have. Not surprisingly, the White House did not have much to say about that. Led by failed presidential candidate and former secretary of state John Kerry, SPEC has acted more as a comms shop for promoting anti fossil fuel policies as well as jetting Kerry around the world to lavish vacation spots to talk about climate change. This office appears more as a retirement gift to Kerry than a productive and functioning government office. 

But, of course, this office needs staff to fill it. This would usually be the part where we’d give metrics on how many people are staffers in this office, how much they’re being paid etc. However, SPEC refuses to disclose who works in this office and their titles. They have fought FOIA’s requesting these disclosures from multiple groups including the Boston Herald

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