Biden's South Lawn wedding is one White House tradition all can celebrate

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The South Lawn of the White House is America’s most iconic backyard and the most picturesque setting for a White House wedding. With sweeping views of the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial and a sea of meticulously manicured blades of green grass, the South Lawn has played host to many memorable occasions etched in the memory of millions when we think about state arrivals, dinners, salutes, Marine One send-offs and now, a wedding.

There is no other location in the world like the exterior grounds of the President’s House, including the South Lawn. This uniquely American setting makes the perfect location to host the wedding of Naomi Biden, granddaughter of the President.

Legendary event planner Bryan Rafanelli, who has been brought in to orchestrate this event that has not taken place at the White House for more than half a century agrees. Rafanelli, who choreographed Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in addition to designing many significant events for the Obama White House, recently told me, “There are a lot of fantasies out there of where one would want to be married, but there is no better setting than the White House. It is one of the few

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