Biden’s Radical Budget

President Joe Biden walks with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer at the U.S. Capitol, where Biden attended a lunch with the Senate Democratic Caucus in Washington, D.C., July 14, 2021. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters) Democrats are attempting to remake our nation wholesale.

In the coming weeks, Democrats plan to ram a massive, $3.5 trillion spending proposal through the U.S. Senate that would fundamentally transform America into a far-left fever dream. Don’t believe me? Take it from NPR, whose reporters have called the plan a “sweeping restructuring of the U.S. economy.”

Today, the Biden administration and radical Democrats in Congress are making a play to insert themselves into every single chapter of Americans’ lives from start to finish.

We saw their desire for control throughout the pandemic and the lockdowns. We saw their desire to rewrite history by indoctrinating our children with critical race theory and holding modern-day struggle sessions. And now, we are seeing the economic framework of what it looks like to have government at the center of our lives, families, and communities.

For our nation’s children, it means more federal control over their early education. This would come in the form of a system of

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