Biden's proposed assault weapons ban has a serious constitutional problem

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President Joe Biden is demanding that Congress act immediately to ban assault weapons in America such as the AR-15 that was used in several recent mass shootings. As we grieve the horrific loss of life, it is understandable that emotions are running high. And while emotions often lead to action, those actions are not always lawful. This is Biden’s real dilemma. 

Our current president has a proclivity to assign blame for everything that goes wrong. For years, his favorite boogeyman for gun violence has been the National Rifle Association and weapons manufacturers. During his 2020 presidential campaign he warned, “I’m going to take you on and I’m going to beat you.” He all but repeated that vow during his address to the nation on Thursday evening. 

As is often the case with Biden, he has sought to vilify the incorrect target. His obstacle to the gun control measures he envisions is that pesky document called the Constitution and, specifically, the Second Amendment. As a lawyer, he should know this but apparently does not. Someone should clue him in. If he does know, then he’s guilty of recklessness for the sake of demagoguery.


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