Biden’s Plan: Slash US Fossil Fuels, Rely on China for Renewables

Obsessed with manmade climate change, the Biden administration claims natural forces no longer play any role and blames every temperature change, hurricane, tornado, flood, drought and wildfire on fossil fuel emissions. It ignores forest mismanagement, the vital roles fossil fuels play in our lives, and the enormous ecological impacts that any Green New Deal would inflict.

Team Biden is determined to eliminate oil, natural gas and coal in US energy – and mandate wind turbines, solar panels, electric vehicles and backup battery systems, while building no new nuclear power plants or allowing any US mining for the metals and minerals essential for those new technologies.

We only have to look in two directions to see where this will take us.

To the West, where China says it won’t be bullied into committing economic suicide by ending fossil fuel use. It won’t begin cutting fossil fuel consumption until 2030 or reach “net-zero” before 2060. It won’t even engage in further discussions unless the US stops complaining about Honk Kong, Taiwan, Uighur slave labor and lax environmental rules.

In fact, China already emits 27 percent of all global greenhouse gases. It is 85 percent reliant on fossil fuels and just announced plans to build

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