Biden’s Palestine pier project is a disaster waiting to happen

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Right now, several U.S. military ships are en route to arguably the most dangerous region in the world, and our commander-in-chief seems to be making it up as he goes along. Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters — America’s sons and daughters — kissed their loved ones goodbye as they embarked on their journey to the coast of Hamas-controlled Gaza. In return, the Biden administration can barely cobble together a plan for their defense — let alone a coherent strategy for mission success. 

The U.S. service members, who could soon number over 1,000, are tasked with constructing a floating pier to help deliver humanitarian aid to the Palestinians. Though recent reports indicate that the Israel Defense Forces will provide a “security bubble” for our American military during the 60-day project, much has yet to be revealed about what that actually means. It seems that President Joe Biden is quick to deploy America’s most precious resource — our troops — but slow to develop a plan for their defense. 

In fact, when Pentagon Press Secretary Gen. Pat Ryder was asked about the threat of Hamas attacking U.S. service members, he replied “Look, I mean, that’s certainly a risk.” His remark reflects a level

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