Biden’s open border is bankrolling organized crime, cartels

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“We’ve been hungry, cold, hot, but here we are chasing the American dream, for a better life for our family,” a migrant seeking to illegally enter the U.S. recently told CNN. 

It’s an understandable instinct. All parents want a better life for their children. Over three billion people live on less than $6.85 a day. There can be no doubt that economic ruin across the developing world is spurring mass migration. And America, no matter what people say, remains a beacon of hope, freedom and opportunity for those in desperation. 

We are the most generous country on Earth, admitting more than one million immigrants each year. But even America cannot open its doors to everyone. 

For all the Biden administration’s talk of wanting to help stabilize poorer nations, the administration’s policies are doing just the opposite.  (Katie McTiernan/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images  |  Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images )

Yet for more than two years, “open doors” is exactly what the Biden administration has messaged to the outside world. When Joe Biden ran for president in 2020, he declared that he would welcome all people fleeing conflict and oppression. Illegal immigration at the southern border rose. 


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