Biden’s inhumane open-border policies devastate Americans, illegal immigrants

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The Biden administration describes its refusal to secure the southern border a “compassionate” immigration policy. Inhumane or cruel are more accurate descriptions. The inhumanity of these policies was on full display over Labor Day weekend when 13 illegal aliens, including a pregnant woman, drowned in the Rio Grande trying to cross our southern border unlawfully. The latest drowning tragedy comes just two weeks after two young, unaccompanied, alien children (UACs) drowned in the Rio Grande. The families of those who perished will never see their loved ones again. 

The Biden administration’s failed border strategy continues to set all the wrong records. Before the two children drowned on August 22, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents already reported finding 670 illegal aliens dead so far this fiscal year (FY) attempting to cross our southern border. According to the leaked CBP migrant death data, drowning and heat exposure, two horrible ways to die, are the causes of death in 60% of migrant death cases. The deaths of the 15 illegal aliens in the past two weeks bring the FY 2022 total up to 685, which already exceeds FY 2021’s then-record of 566 deaths. The

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