Biden’s Inflation 'Solutions' Will Make the Problem Worse

The Biden administration refuses to take responsibility for inflation.

Biden blames everyone but himself. He blames railroads, energy companies, shipping companies, meat producers, business owners and Vladimir Putin. He denies the central role Democrats had in creating this problem: out-of-control wasteful spending, paying people not to work, ending American energy independence, and proposing trillions in new tax increases.

The Left is now saying that tax increases are needed to help solve inflation. But Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon taught us that tax hikes make the problem worse.

Inflation is running rampant. The consumer price index increased by 8.3 percent in April. Inflation has increased six-fold since President Biden took office in January of 2021, when CPI was just 1.4 percent.

Biden not only claims this is everyone else’s fault, he still thinks it is about to go away. As inflation increased in the summer of 2021, Biden officials such as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen first dismissed rising prices as “transitory.”

Then when inflation continued to increase, the administration blamed the pandemic and greedy corporations. President Biden even alleged that corporations were using “their power to squeeze out smaller competitors, stifle new entrepreneurs, and

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