Biden’s immigration crisis: Time for president, new Congress to find lasting, bipartisan solution

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With a new Congress, America’s most ignored problem should once again be up for resolution. 

After not even visiting the border for years, President Joe Biden finally took a brief tour. The Republicans are flagging the millions of illegal crossings and the American people are upset that there has been no bipartisan resolution of the problem. Republicans get in, up goes a wall. Democrats get in, down goes the wall. That is not what Americans view as progress.

The Democrats escaped the immigration issue in the midterms, but they’ve been out of step with public opinion for a long time. Americans used to give Biden the benefit of the doubt. 

A split photo of Joe Biden and migrants lining up to be processed by U.S. Border Patrol in Yuma, Arizona July 11, 2022. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky | Allison Dinner/AFP via Getty Images)

In March 2021, a slim majority of voters thought the Biden administration was just trying to enforce immigration laws more humanely, according to the Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll. But by October 2021, a majority of voters were saying that Biden’s policies have created an open border. That result held in the December

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