Biden's foreign policy challenges for 2022 – are he and his team up for the job?

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It’s an American tradition: Overdo it ringing in the new year and wake up a splitting headache.  

And if you behaved responsibly? No need to feel left out. The big bad world out there promises to give us all plenty of headaches throughout 2022. 

There are the carry-over hot spots of course: the Korean DMZ, Crimea, Taiwan. Things could explode there almost any time. But trouble is brewing elsewhere, too, and not always in the places we’d most expect. Here are five problem areas to keep an eye on throughout the new year.  


Latin America, Leaning Left 

Peru, Honduras and now Chile have elected governments intent on making a hard left turn. For those countries, that can open the gates to economic malaise, Chinese encroachment and terrorism. And it could create a lot of headaches here, as well: increased drug smuggling, illegal immigration and crime. 

And, with national elections coming up in Brazil and Colombia, things could get worse.  

Russia’s bad boy is like a Vegas gambler playing a dozen slots at the same time.

Unfortunately, the Southern Hemisphere’s lurch to the left comes at a time of

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