Biden’s Every Weapon Left Behind Program Empowers Taliban, Global Terrorism

For worse, and worse alone, President Joe Biden will go down in history as the architect of Every Weapon Left Behind.

While scrambling wildly out of Afghanistan, Biden bequeathed to America’s enemies the Arsenal of Anti-Democracy. Atop seizing Afghanistan in a veritable coup d’état, the Taliban inherited a staggering array of war supplies. The grimy, dusty terrorist scum who hosted Osama bin Laden have become a formidable regional power. And they have Joe Biden to thank.

Biden’s generosity blessed the Taliban with a cornucopia of weapons. This bonanza is jaw-dropping for its assortment and abundance. These armaments were shipped from the U.S. to Afghanistan starting in fall 2001. According to estimates in The Times( UK), the BBC, and TheU.S. Sun, this haul includes:

U.S. military combat uniforms

Lightweight helmets, designed to ease communication

Bulletproof, carbon/graphite body armor

Four C-130 transport planes

33 UH 60 Blackhawk helicopters

634 M117 Armored Security Vehicles

8,000 large trucks

16,035 night-vision goggles

22,174 Humvees

25,327 grenade launchers

42,000 pickup trucks and SUVs

64,363 machine guns

126,295 pistols, including .40 caliber Glocks

162,043 radios

358,530 assault rifles

And much more.

“We found a federal audit that detailed up to

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