Biden’s documents scandal demands two things must happen to restore public trust

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Casting off the divine right of kings—a doctrine in which the monarch’s word was absolute and in which the king was above the law—was a central facet of the American Revolution. That, along with the adoption of constitutional limits on the power of government, was a founding principle of the American Republic. 

However, it appears that President Biden didn’t get the memo.  Judging from his mishandling of classified documents, he evidently doesn’t think the constraints of the law apply to him.

Time and again, the president has thumbed his nose at this constitutional concept.  From his edicts ordering immigration officers to ignore the law, to his unlawful OSHA vaccine mandate, he has acted as if he is above the law. 

Fortunately, state attorneys general have stepped up in defense of the rule of law and have asked the courts to put him in check. Most recently, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton scored a victory against Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas. The court struck down an agency rule that threatened to cut federal funding to Texas and other states that prohibit child sex

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