Biden's COVID vaccine mandate treats our heroes like felons. I'm fighting to stop it

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No otherwise honorable member of the United States military should worry about losing their freedom while protecting ours.

When an American service member breaks the law or military code of conduct in such an egregious way, they get slapped with a dishonorable discharge. They lose access to medical benefits from the VA, they lose access to home loans from the VA, they lose access to the GI bill for further education, they lose their Second Amendment rights and access to ammunition, they lose military funeral honors, they lose the ability to re-enlist in another branch of the military, and they have an extremely difficult time finding employment.


In the civilian world, a dishonorable discharge is equivalent to being convicted of a felony. In fact, it may be the worst checkmark you can get in your life. Unfortunately, thousands of our servicemen and women are about to lose those very freedoms that they have fought so hard to defend as President Joe Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate is threatening them with a dishonorable discharge should they chose to not get the shot.

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