Biden's border crisis creates a drug epidemic

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America is facing a drug epidemic due to the Biden administration’s weak open-border policies, which are inviting drug cartels to continue to move thousands of pounds of illicit drugs quietly across our southern border. Without a secure border American drug overdoses and deaths will continue to skyrocket. President Joe Biden must enforce our immigration laws and enable Border Patrol agents and ICE officers to do their jobs to stem the flow of illicit drugs from being trafficked across the southern border.

People unfamiliar with what is happening at the southern border believe that the ongoing crisis is simply a border state’s issue. Sadly, many people who have not experienced the lawlessness on the southern border firsthand do not see the negative effects of open-border policies. Although the flood of illegal aliens and human and drug trafficking immediately impact border states, President Biden’s refusal to act on the border crisis is hurting the entire nation. 

Montana for example, is experiencing a major spike in drug overdoses – a direct result of cartels effortlessly smuggling illicit drugs into our country. With little support from the White House, Border Patrol agents are stretched thin and can only

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