Biden's Afghan Debacle: Questions Future Historians Will Ask


Posted: Oct 13, 2021 12:01 AM

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For the next century historians and military officers will analyze the Biden administration’s Afghanistan withdrawal humiliation. Here are three questions I guarantee will spur debate.

No. 1: Was there any way to convince the Biden administration to reconsider its “perception driven” Beltway media-political strategy in Afghanistan, see the terrible on-the-ground facts as consequential and then take action to stop an impending debacle?

No. 2: How late in summer 2021 could decisive U.S. action have reversed deterioration?

No. 3: Would action in a specific geographic position have positive political and military effects throughout the region?

As for No. 2, I suggest on July 6 deterioration was reversible. The U.S. still had time to prevent an Afghan national government collapse. Why? Because Afghan national forces still tenuously held Bagram Airfield, the pivotal logistical and operational point for the U.S. and international coalition supporting the Afghan government. With its runways, facilities and material stores, retaining Bagram was arguably essential to the survival of Afghan national forces. Bagram answers

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