Biden’s abortion clash with the Catholic Church


What does it mean to be the nation’s second Catholic president?

Playbook co-author Ryan Lizza talks with senior staff writer Ruby Cramer about how Joe Biden balances a very public role with the “private matter” of his faith at a time of deep division over abortion, and among the bishops in his own church.

Read Ruby’s piece in Politico Magazine here.

On the Texas law restricting abortions

“I think the interesting thing will be watching how [Biden] deals with this Texas bill and seeing how he follows through on what he’s promised, which is a ‘all of government’ effort to combat it and to block it. And the idea that the nation’s second Catholic president could oversee the death of abortion access, you know, or the the fall of Roe v. Wade … This is a remarkable moment. It’s really an interesting, complex and difficult position for him to be in.” — Ruby Cramer

On covering Biden’s church visits from the press pool

“It’s a little awkward because when Joe Biden goes to mass, you’re not actually going inside the church with him. What you actually do is sit on a bus on

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