Biden's 5 failures in Ukraine that only embolden Russia

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President Joe Biden’s Russia-Ukraine policy has been a monumental disaster. Russia’s forces are in the fifth month of laying devastation to Ukraine as Biden continues to write checks to Zelenskyy, with no end in sight. 

Here are Biden’s top five failures in Ukraine, which could have devastating long-term consequences for our country, not to mention Ukraine.

First, not only has the Biden administration failed to deter Putin, its actions gave Russian forces a head-start, before launching their assault on Ukraine. Putin was able to mobilize a battle-ready force of 190,000 troops who almost encircled Ukraine. This occurred over the course of weeks and months, while U.S. diplomats naively negotiated with the Russians in Europe over “security guarantees” that both sides knew were unachievable. Incredibly, as Russian heavy weaponry was flowing in to Ukraine’s border, field hospitals were being stood up, and blood supplies delivered, Biden’s intelligence and security officials claimed that they had no idea “what Russia’s intent was” and “whether President Putin has made the decision to invade.” Common sense should have told them that Putin’s men weren’t just going to sit around sipping borsch and nibble on “chicken kiev.”

This denial of the

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