Biden Wants IRS to Have Even More Power to Snoop


Posted: Sep 15, 2021 12:01 AM

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Always lurking inside gargantuan pieces of legislation like the $3.5 trillion spending bill President Biden wants congressional Democrats to send to him, are dangers far worse than the dollar price tag. Such bills invariably include measures that give to government powers it neither deserves nor to which it is entitled, and which wind up costing citizens dearly in loss of privacy and other freedoms.

Currently, it is the IRS salivating at the thought of gaining even greater power than it already enjoys to snoop into taxpayers’ private financial records. If in fact the tax agency gets what Biden wants to give it, the IRS will have before it any individual’s financial accounts with gross inflows and outflows of more than $600 (that’s just six hundred dollars, not six thousand).

The federal government’s power to monitor financial transactions is already vast, but apparently not enough for the folks at the IRS.

Thanks to Uncle Sam’s half-century old War on Drugs, and its junior partner, the 20-year-old War on

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