Biden violating his campaign pledge, 'politicizing' DOJ to do his bidding, legal experts warn

President Biden is facing harsh criticism from legal experts and elected officials for violating his campaign promise to keep the Department of Justice (DOJ) non-political, after he directed the department to pursue politically charged lawsuits against Republican-led states. 

In recent weeks, Biden – supported by other Democrats and liberal groups – has green-lighted DOJ to file lawsuits against Georgia, over its state election statute, and Texas, over its controversial anti-abortion law. These political directives by the president come after he promised on the campaign trail that he would keep politics out of the department and it would be “totally independent” of him.

Biden said multiple times in 2020 that he would “not direct [DOJ] who to prosecute, what to prosecute, how to prosecute.” 


Now, legal experts are saying that although Biden campaigned as a moderate, his decision to direct Attorney General Merrick Garland to pursue multiple political lawsuits shows that he is weaponizing the department to pursue a left-wing agenda.

Judicial Crisis Network President Carrie Severino told Fox News, “President Biden campaigned as a moderate but since taking office he and his Department of Justice have just carried water for the left-wing dark money groups who

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